Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well, the frost is on the pumpkin....

This morning, when getting off work after working nights, I had to wait until my windows defrosted before I could drive. Yep, we are officially in Fall; James Taylor sings "The frost is on the pumpkin and the hay is in the barn." Thank goodness we did not have to mess with hay, as it makes me sneeze. But the plants are pulled into the garage, and our cat, Smokey, thinks it is great that she has more places to hide when out there. She is very fickle this time of year. She wants out first thing in the a.m., but stops short when she feels the nip of the air. She does her business, then wants back in. If the day is particularly warm, she wants out again, sooner than later. Come evening, however, she is more than willing to dash into Oma's room where she curls up on her special pillow, and does not budge until we let her out in the a.m. again. Oma is 97 years old, and she speaks German to the cat. Does the cat understand her? She seems to, but she won't tell us for sure.

I have been working on my quilt challenge tonight. The rule is that we are to WOW people with the last row of what we are working on. Dh had some suggestions, but I told him that the idea had to WOW me first, or it likely would not WOW anyone else! I am also working on a couple of Christmas/Hanukah quilts that should be cute! They are incorporating fabrics from both holidays, since we celebrate a mixed bag at our house. Our dear friend "W" (not the president) is Jewish, and she always celebrates our Christmas with us, since her job so nicely lets her off work that time of year. Sometimes Hanukkah falls close to Christmas, and she brings the dreidle and taught us years ago about the games that go with it. It is lots of fun, and we like to do it all. Dh turns our home into a Christmas wonderland every year with decorations from near and far. It takes him the better part of 6 weeks to decorate. I told him that since his stroke, he may have to start even earlier this year! He has actually already started putting a few small things out. It is like one of those search games you can play on the internet. You have to look closely to find them, but they are there. We don't decorate Halloween style, but rather Fall. Slowly those things will disappear.

And suddenly, it will be Christmas wonderland at our house.

Tomorrow is his last day of official Physical Therapy. We have a new fitness center that opened here in our town and we are going to check it out. We could both use it. It is affiliated with a local university, and by the looks of its write up in the newspaper, it should be very nice.
We will soon find out!

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