Thursday, November 6, 2008

Men can be hard headed...

Monday night, dh took a tumble in the driveway. Now, one would think that this was news to share with your wife, the nurse. But we had company, and it was only when our friend said "what did you do to your eye?" that it was brought to my attention that he had a gouge in his eyebrow, made from his glasses. That was just the easy part. He had broken the fall with both of his hands before hitting the ground, head first. Most of his weight went to his right hand. That night, it started swelling. The next morning, PT further aggravated it, and by Tuesday night it was really swollen. Because he had full range of motion, moving all fingers, wrist, hand, etc. without difficulty, just swelling and tenderness, we decided to wait it out. So, we kept ice on it for the next 24 hours, yours truly getting up and down to change the packs out as the ice melted. Today, the swelling is nearly gone. We are thankful for that. Meanwhile, he has had to sit around and do practically nothing, while it "healed". I am sure that it was likely a nasty sprain, or at least muscle swelling. But the teddy bears have had to wait patiently, and other small projects that he has worked on.

Today was "skills day" at the hospital. That meant 7 stations that you go to, learn about anything new with various things, take a test, get "signed off", etc. so Joint Commission cannot site us for being non-compliant. Things like new IV pumps, Blood Glucose Monitors, Chest Tubes, Infection Control, Wound care, Code equipment. When you work nights and you are suppose to be asleep during the hours that this day included, it makes it kind of hard. But I got home and to bed by 3 p.m and slept until 9:30! So all is well again. Ahhhh...sweet sleep....At least I did not have to work tonight.

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