Monday, October 27, 2008

A Chill is in the air

I love this time of year. It seems like the right time for things to be winding down. Isn't it wonderful the way God created the seasons to follow one another like they do? Stepping outside, taking a deep breath of the clear air, the wind high in the trees, pulling my coat around me as I walk down to the mailbox, feeling the warmth of my home as I step back inside - all things that make me feel cozy. Then I come down to my quilting studio, and see the mess that is all around and I wonder if I will ever get all the quilts made that are swarming through my mind! I have always been able to "think" faster than "work" when it comes to quilts!

And I look on one side of the studio and see the big mess that comprises my dh's side of the work table and area. He is Bear Man and has his own blog spot for all the bears he makes. He started making teddy bears about two years ago, spurred on by a simple, faceless Amish bear that someone gave Oma (his mom who is 97 and lives with us). He has been sewing since he was a tailor's apprentice when he was 13-19 in Germany. So, the sewing machine is no stranger to him. We share the space, and the bear pile is growing. Sometimes I fuss because there is such a fuzzy mess everywhere. I go to work with bits of fuzz on my uniforms sometimes!! But then, I have to stop fussing and realize how close I came to losing him this year, and I am thankful for the mess of bears that is piled there. He has made so many people happy with his bears. I am so grateful that he has something that keeps him happy and busy, while I sleep the day away with my crazy night schedule that I am on right now. At night, I make quilts. During the day, he makes bears. He also designs and sews the clothing for them, also adding jewelry and other accessories. The fine work is helping his dexterity return as well, after the stroke. We are really very blessed. He was complaining to the therapist this a.m. about not being back to 100% already. After all, it has been two MONTHS since the stroke. I listened, as did she, and then I said," honey, you are walking, talking, eating, dressing, bathing, all by yourself. You are not paralyzed and drooling out one side of your mouth. We have much to be thankful for." He was subdued, but still feels cheated. He feels he is letting ME down, for not being able to do more.

He is scared to death of having another stroke. That is the bottom line.

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MaryLu said...

He sounds like a wonderful man. What a blessing he must be to those who receive his bears.