Monday, October 27, 2008

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

How could I forget the race? This was the last sunday in September. We got a team together, and we made tye-dyed t-shirts. DD has 4 friends from work, and one brought her mom, and then another friend, a guy, joined us too. He said he was not too proud to wear pink! I made sure to put two large dark dyed fuscia colored circles where my breasts USED to be! Once I get the pictures from DD, I will post a picture of our team. We had a great time, none of us were there to actually RACE, but to walk the circuit like so many do. It was actually a hot day, and we were glad to have lots of water and other donated drinks to cool us down. I saw lots of people that I knew, many of which have been a part of my cancer journey over the last 5 years. DD and I always try to do the race together, and so far, we have done it all but one year out of the last 6 races since my diagnosis in 2003. I "attended" my first race, not as a participant, but sat in the survivors tent, about 6 weeks after my bilateral mastectomy in 2003. DD and the friends were there to actually do the walk and I was there to cheer them on. I got my first pink hat and t-shirt that year and a pink ribbon to wear on the hat.

God willing, I am cancer free and will take my last pill of my 5 year pills, in a couple of weeks.

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MaryLu said...

Praise God!!
It rained on our walk this year. I didn't participate, but prayed for all you survivors and for the families of those that did not.