Thursday, January 31, 2008

Home again, Home again...

Wow! What a whirlwind couple of weeks. But we had a great time and we are home once again. We left last Monday, drove for 10 hours to reach our destination. The weather was considerably colder up north of us, but we had piles of coats, hats, mufflers and gloves for all kinds of weather and we did not experience much cold with all those to choose from. On Tuesday we touched base and had lunch with old friends. That was a lot of fun. Later that night, we had supper with another couple of old friends. Again, just lots of fun catching up since we had not seen any of them for over a year. On Wednesday, we helped our friend W get her things together for the quilt getaway that we went to on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The getaway place was another hour north of W's and I think it was colder still up there. There were about 60 of us at the getaway, and we had a lovely time sewing together. It seems you can get lots more done in a group like that. Either that, or get nothing but a lot of chatting done. But W and I were focused and we did turn out some great stuff.
Driving home yesterday, DH and I stopped several places along the way, enjoying going to antique stores and basically turning what should have been a 10 hour trip into a 15 hr trip. Oh well, why not. We had nothing but time. We listened to a book on tape that we picked up at a Cracker Barrel on their "lending library" program. The name of the book is "You've Been Warned" I think the author is a Peterson or Patterson. I was not acquainted with the author. It is a psychological thriller and quite good. We actually need to "read" or "hear" the last two CD's in the book before we turn it in! And we need to find out what the ending is!!!!!
Today was a day to see the oncologist. He was fabulous in his taking the time to really go over lots of stuff, and let us ask tons of questions, etc. We feel better about everything now, and we found out that before the radiation can begin, he has to get one more shot in May. They really want to shrink the prostate, so when they begin the radiation, the surrounding "structures" as the doctor so nicely called the bladder and colon/rectal area, will be less likely to sustain damage. So, it is hurry up and wait. He did tell us that the kind of cancer that he has is not the slowest growing, but not the fastest either and that is in his favor.
Almost February... yikes...2008 is slipping by.

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