Friday, January 4, 2008

I feel like I am finally entering the 21st century. I have my very own blog spot! It feels kind of weird to be posting things and there my deepest thoughts may be for all the world to see! Well, maybe not my deepest. At any rate, it is January 4. a new year is starting and who knows what this year will bring. It is like having a clean slate all spread out in front of me. What will I write on it?

I have always looked at the weeks ahead as if one long ribbon. Each day is a different colored square on the ribbon, and each day gets filled with "whatever" as the days fill up. Sort of like a calendar, really, but the year stretches ahead in one long, long strip. I wonder how other people look at the year ahead.

I am looking ahead to Monday, when my husband will start treatment for cancer. He is nervous about it, thinking that he will be sick by Monday night. But he is trying to be brave and not show his nerves. The first treatment is a shot, in preparation for radiation treatments to come later on. Cancer is never fun to think about. Not for yourself (been there and done that) or for someone else. But we are trying to think of some fun things to do, while we wait. So that is how this year is starting. Maybe it will get better!!

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jogor777 said...

Well we all have to grow up and "get with it" at some point. Katie and I are on MySpace and Kim has a blogspot. Terri has to deal with computers all day at work and rarely checks her email at home so no blogging for her. Our thoughts and prayers, online and upline will be with you as you go through the hassles of cancer treatment.